ASUS AI Recovery Exception Error Solved

This past August I gave my fiance an ASUS laptop for her birthday. Only this past weekend, however, did we grab some blank DVDs to use as backups for the AU Recovery tool they ship. You know the one – it pops up each time you boot asking if you want to burn the backups to disc yet.

So we fired it up, and it told us five discs would be needed. It burned the first two fine but the third failed. Unfortunately the message said only that an “exception” had occurred, without detailing possible causes.

At which point she handed the machine over to me. Oh good..!

Nothing wrong with the machine, I thought. Mind you, looking at C: drive she only had 800MB of 60GB space left. How on earth had she filled it? She normally doesn’t go beyond Hotmail and Facebook, and she has AVG installed so hopefully it’s not a virus.

I fired up the Add/Remove Programs utility and found Microsoft Office Trial which I duely deleted, freeing up an insanely large amount of capacity (gigabytes). I wonder if it’s running out of disk space?

Google time, lots of people reporting much the same problems, and suggesting that people merely capture the .iso files the utility produces and write them to DVD using a separate utility. Surely not..? Anyway, I found the location and discovered Disc 3 was in fact zero bytes, yet Disc 4 had around 1GB. There was no Disc 5. There were also folders, presumable for building the .iso images from. That’s a lot of disk space to be used for building, indeed 5×4.6GB plus temporary storage!

There being no other option, I quit the backup tool and was about to re-run the application once again when I saw the free space on C: drive leap up to 36GB. The backup tool had erased the images and temporary data. I re-ran the tool and watched the C: drive fill slowly, occassionally asking for new DVD. This time, Disc 3 had 4.6GB of data, as did Disc 4, and Disc 5 was now present with 1GB of data.

The DVDs finished. Moral of this story is that ASUS partitions your C: drive with too little spare room for all the added “essentials” like Office Trial plus any Windows Updates (love those Gigs…) over time to be able to use the backup tool. Unfortunately it’s not always easy to shift the data from C: to D: where over 100GB of free space was in our case to be found. She didn’t have much in My Documents, except the backup tool’s own temporary data.

Hopefully this will educate and prevent further trouble for others with ASUS notebooks. And ASUS, how about providing better error information?


  1. I don’t understand how you solved this problem.
    Where did you find and capture the .iso files to write them on a cd separably? I burn got my notebook brand new and have been trying to burn the recovery discs but keep getting an error at disc 3. And it takes hours to burn one disc!

  2. jmkg

    November 29, 2010 at 11:31 pm

    Jude: I did not write the .iso files separately. I was merely discovering how much disk space they took up and pointing out that freeing up sufficient space is vital to get the Asus backup software to operate right the way through. Hope this clarifies things.

  3. But did you manage to actually burn the DVDs? if so, how??? I’m having the same problem.

  4. jmkg

    January 1, 2011 at 9:57 pm

    Ann: Yes I did. After freeing sufficient space the Asus backup software completed the whole process of creating the disc images and writing them to DVDs.

  5. I bought a brandnew ASUS K501J, or is it K50IJ? With windows 7.
    It is impossible to burn the recovey DVD’s. The proces takes hours and hours and I end up with an error saying DVD 1 has to be burned again.
    I will never ever buy an ASUS laptop again. I am about to throw it out the window after 6 tries of over 2 hours each. I advise everyone to run away as fast as you can every time you see an ASUS product.

  6. I got myself a brand new ASUS with Windows 7 on-board. Trying create the DVD recovery set, I discovered, that, unlike Toshiba’s recovery dvd system, they are to be prepared first. I mean, that Toshiba’s got them packed up on to a seperate hard drive partition, which the user cannot see, and then, a special utility burns them on dvds. Just burns, not builds!
    But Asus, got all the stuff on a seperate partition, with a need of compiling an ISO image for every DVD in a set! Imagine my surprise, when I started AI Recovery burner, and then, was told to prepare seven (!) DVDs, in order to successfully complete the process. Toshiba needed only 2 DVD disks for Windows 7. I don’t get it! I could have had a spare backup mainframe, in order top carry Windows 7 Rescue DVDs, at last.

  7. Hi, have same issue here – not able to produce backup DVD`s with AI Recovery Burner. The program crashes and in general my first impressions was that the pre-installed OS is really a buggy thing. If you have not erased the Windows OS partition on your notebook you can simply recover the ASUS to factory default settings and “clean” windows – as it isn`t really clean and messed up with a lot of additional stuff / software from ASUS and Windows like office.

    So at laptop start-up (bootscreen from ASUS) you simple press “F9″ and it start to recover without the DVD`s. You also can choose to make one big partition and after you should be able to burn your DVD`s. Hope this helps.

  8. it was my problem
    spend 5 days trying to restore the recovery partation after the same error with dvd,s

    then i noticed that the dvd,s are copied to drive but did not boot


    take the solution guys

    insert your restore dvd … after the last dvd error 1029 will end the restoration
    now insert hirens 15 cd and boot from it
    go to win 7 boot at the end of directories
    asus recovery tool will run and restore your files which actually copied earlier from dvd ,s
    here you an find hirens a5

  9. just purchased an ASUS notebook hours ago. Too bad, did not read you guy’s comment before the purchase. the first time start up ran into a dark screen issue (over 20 minutes without moving any further) after completing the settings. Contacted ASUS and the guy asked me to reboot and I could see that thousands of files were updated. As soon as the notebook started up, the system informed me to do a backup (nice to see this) and so I started the process. It’s been 57 minutes (shown in the elapsed time) and the ‘Create image percentage’ now shows 3%. Terribly slow. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I do not end up getting the above errors after a painfully long wait.

  10. Mohamed,
    Your recommendations worked like a charm! Thank you so much!

  11. I got the same problems here, after three years i’m trying to do these recovery discs using AI recovery but it just says error and try to burn the 1st dvd disc again!

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